How Do You Compete In An Ever-Changing Advertising Climate?

I hear it every day: TV and radio aren’t working for me anymore. Yup! The mainstay comestibles of broadcast advertising have been toppled by the broad scope of the Internet and social media.

One company in Louisville found an answer. Sunnyvale Motor Cars specializes in selling and trading top end cars. They found that they weren’t getting enough walk-in traffic to keep the company growing.

Sunnyvale knew they needed some Louisville SEO experts to tweak their web presence. A brief Google search turned up QC Web Design & SEO.

Sunnyvale Motor Cars suddenly achieved a fifty percent increase in customers! How was such an astounding change in Louisville possible?




QC Web Design & SEO is a firm that continuously studies the algorithms that search engines employ to provide answers.

When you want your company to rank in the top ten search results, you need a company like QC to max out your website and make it highly visible to the search engine. You might think that perhaps you can just add a few keywords to your own website to get the number of views up.

That is possible but do-it-yourself optimization has some drawbacks. First, you should know that Google hired the world’s foremost mathematician, Stephen Wolfram to re-work the search algorithm.

Wolfram wrote a monstrous 1,200 page book in 2002 entitled: A New Kind Of Science.” Well, it may have been new to Wolfram but the book read like a simple rehash of what is known as Mandelbrot algebra.

It is a recursive set of numbers termed as fractals. By now, you might be wondering what this has to do with optimizing your website. Read on!

The specifics of the Google algorithm are top secret, but since we know Wolfram applied his craft in it’s creation, you can be certain that his “New Kind Of Science” had something to do with it.

There is a rhythm and pacing of keywords on any given website that will stand out when a search takes place. If it works to create more foot traffic for a company in Louisville, it can work for you as well, anywhere in the world!